Mask Envy

Taylor Jay’s Face Masks Are Both Understated and Elevated

Not only beautiful and comfortable, these masks are also ethical, sustainable, and inclusive

Sophia Smith
3 min readDec 29, 2020


4 shimmery cloth facemasks. Three are solid-colored neutrals and one has sequined blue, purple, and gray stripes.
Photos courtesy of Taylor Jay

This story is part of our series “Mask Envy,” where we showcase San Franciscans’ creativity and take a look at some of the coolest masks spotted around the city. Have a look you want to submit? Email us.

Remember back in March when people were cutting up old T-shirts to fashion makeshift masks? We’ve come a long way. These days there are masks for every type of person, from bold and flamboyant to understated, sophisticated, crafty, or tailored.

Taylor Jay standing with her back to a bolt of pink fabric.

Taylor Jay’s mask designs fall right at the intersection of cozy, minimalist, and quality, elevated design. In short, these masks are basics for non-basic people.

Jay studied fashion merchandising in L.A., but was left frustrated by an industry that didn’t cater to her body type, so she set out to found her own inclusive line. Her eponymous brand is founded first and foremost on inclusivity and the concept of elevated comfort.

“Our approach to fashion is intersectional,” Jay writes on their website. “We can’t empower women and advocate for inclusion without promoting environmental consciousness. We chose to make slow fashion because women empowerment can’t happen without integrity and social responsibility.”

As part of their commitment to sustainability and ethical clothing, Taylor Jay garments are all fabricated at a factory in Oakland, California. You can shop Taylor Jay face covers and more on their website.

We spoke with Jay to find out more about her, her inspirations, and her masks. Her answers are below.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

TBI: Hi Taylor! Tell us about yourself. Are you from the Bay? What do you like to do? How have you been spending quarantine?
Taylor Jay:
I was born in San Francisco, California, and have lived in many different cities within the Bay Area growing up.



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